A!arm was created by Michael Diguet & Martijn Verpaalen

Michael Diguet

Michael is a French engineer who fell in love with creating and developing innovative software at a very young age.

Michael invented gps4cam, the app that brings geotagging to every camera, and then met Martijn, with whom he now works hand in hand to create the best applications!

Martijn Verpaalen

Martijn grew up in the Netherlands but lives in France since 1998. After studying advertising he worked for several big and small Parisian advertising agencies as a creative. Today, he works as a freelance in advertising and creates iPhone applications with Michael.

A!arm was Martijn’s original idea. He also did the design and ergonomics, and now he works hard to let the world know about the app.

Michael and Martijn also created gps4cam, the app that brings geotagging to every camera.