A!arm, the alarm clock you can turn off with your voice. Shout at it whatever you want and it will stop beeping. The app also includes a game for when you can’t sleep, and more!

Waking up will never be fun, but we try hard!

Shout it off!

When the alarm starts beeping, you can yell to make it stop. This allows you to release some anger and to give a good start to your day
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Can’t sleep? Count sheep!

Alarm includes the Sheep Count Game, for those who can’t sleep (or just don’t want to).
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Wake up test

Test every morning if you’re fully awake by playing the wake up test!
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Tell the world you are up

Share with your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter that you have started your day.
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Touch time

A!arm has a unique and intuitive design.

3 Microphone sensitivity modes

High: Completely silent room ➔ no need to raise your voice to stop the alarm
Medium: Silent room ➔ speak out loud to stop the alarm
Low: Noisy room ➔ shout to stop the alarm
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Push Notifications

When you have forgotten to keep A!arm on the foreground, A!arm will still wake you up using push notifications.
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More features

A!arm does everything a good alarm clock is supposed to do !
➩ Choose on what days you want to REPEAT your alarm
➩ Set how long you want to SNOOZE
➩ View and edit your current alarms in a LIST
➩ 12 or 24 hours CLOCK
➩ TIPS and instructions

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