More fun

Making the app took us a lot of time, but we perhaps spent even more time thinking about how we could make the alarm clock as fun as possible. We know we’re never going to succeed in making your first moments of the day the most fun ones, but we try hard!

The wake up test

The most lame excuse about arriving late at school or a meeting is ‘sorry, my alarm clock didn’t ring’. Alarms don’t forget to ring! What happens is that people shut down their alarm clock while they’re still sleeping and wake up hours later.

Our solution to this is simple: when you sleep, you don’t think, when you are awake, you probably do. That’s why we created a wake up test, so that you activate your brain and really wake up.

Tell your friends

If somebody had told my great grandfather that one day people would fly to the moon, he would probably have believed it. If somebody had told him that one day there would be an alarm that could tell the whole world you just woke up, he would have told that person he was crazy.

That’s why we created this feature: to prove my great grandfather everything is possible!

Why only a beep?

Getting woken up by an alarm clock is hard, no matter what sweet sound it makes. Once, I installed one of my favorite artists on my alarm radio. Since then, I hate that guy! That’s one of the reasons why we only use a simple beep for the alarm. The other reason is that a simple beep allows to get optimal results when shouting it off.

We are working on different wake-up sounds, including the possibility to play music from your iDevice. You can follow our developing process on our twitter: AlarmApp

and… like any other alarm clock

A!arm does also what any other alarm clock should do. There is a list of active and inactive alarms, the user can set how long he wants to snooze and he can choose on what days he wants the alarm to repeat. The alarm clock also beeps as a push notification in case the user has forgotten to keep the app on the foreground.

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