Shout it off!

Let’s be honest: being woken up by an alarm clock can make you angry. The problem is that pressing a stop button on an alarm clock isn’t a relieving action. So sometimes you stay irritated all day, which can have all kinds of negative consequences.

That’s the reason why we created an alarm clock you can yell at. This way you can discharge your anger on your alarm and not on the people around you. We’re not saying it’s going to save peoples’ marriages or prevent people from getting fired, but loosing that bit of tension every morning could help.

Stopping an alarm clock with your voice is also more handy. Do you remember every morning where you’ve left your phone or tablet the day before? In your bag? Attached to your computer? Under your bed? How annoying is it to spend the first moments of your day searching for your device, while the alarm is waking up the whole neighborhood?

The third reason is medical. We don’t know all about radiation yet but the idea of keeping a device that captures all kinds of it next to your head doesn’t feel good, especially while you are sleeping. With A!arm, you can keep your device a couple of feet away from your head. That’s reassuring!

But the most important reason to yell at your A!arm is very simple: because it is possible.

Microphone sensitivity

You can change the microphone sensitivity in the settings. When you sleep in a silent room and nobody snores, you can set the sensitivity on high (and stop the alarm without raising your voice). When you sleep near a road with your windows open, you should put the sensitivity on low. There’s also a medium mode in-between.

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