Use your voice to stop the alarm or to set it on snooze. A!arm for iPhone, iPod and soon also for iPad Play the Sleep-Count-Game when you can't sleep! cartoon with iPhone alarm clock app

Shout it off!

When the alarm rings, you can use your voice to stop it. Say anything you like, as loud or soft as you want: A!arm will listen to you. You can stop the alarm completely, or let it snooze for a couple of minutes.

The Sheep-Count-Game

For generations, people have counted sheep to fall asleep. Then, they started to play video games. We brought the two together in The Sheep-Count-Game. No incredible 3D graphics but a very addictive and fun game.

More fun features

A!arm is probably the most fun alarm clock that ever existed. What other alarm allows you for instance to tell the world you are (finally) up, or lets you do a wake up test? Waking up will never be fun, but A!arm will get you close.